Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lifting the Right Way

Posture is incredibly important, and in a society that constantly has us hunching over mobile devices, computer screens and other electronics, stress has increased tremendously on our backs.  Be it muscle fatigue, herniated discs or other conditions of the spine, Americans are losing the battle against back pain. 

Consider even a simple trip to the hardware store; bending to pick up a heavy bucket of paint or a piece of lumber can easily injure ones back if done improperly.  The way we lift, whether in everyday life or when working out at the gym, can have a significant impact.

Want to help eliminate the potential for injuring your back? Take a look at these tips; utilize these every day and you will end up building stabilizing muscles that will keep you healthy and fit for life.

-    A Straight Back is Key

Whether you are picking up a heavy bucket of laundry or completing a set of deadlifts at the gym, keep your back straight.  Think about your back swinging up or down from your hips, from a 90 degree to a 45 degree angle.  When your back is locked and straight, your spine is erect, your muscles are in perfect position and you eliminate stress on various parts: they are working as a cohesive unit.  When you let your spine slouch and bend, almost like a "U" shape, you put yourself at risk for damaging various parts of your back.  Keep it straight, and you will end up just fine.

-    Build Back Muscle

Exercise at your gym by performing some exercises that specifically target different areas of your back.  This could include Romanian deadlifts, traditional deadlifts, pushups, wide-grip pull-ups, bench row and many others.  Make sure to incorporate the back muscles at least two to three times per week into your routine.  Build your back, and it sets a platform for the other muscles in one's body.

-    Seek Treatment When Needed

Back pain isn't something to ignore; it is something that should be addressed immediately. If you feel any tweaks or pain, rather than trying to push through, it would be advisable to set up an appointment with a back pain specialist in NYC.  Even if you do not live in that particular area, a call to a specialist could be the difference between being pain-free.

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