Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dr. Hosny is Named One of New York's Favorite Physicians by

Dr. Amr Hosny recently received the 2013 Patient's Choice Award from

As one of over 870,000 practicing physicians and dentists throughout the country, only five percent received these top scores from their patients.  There are many elements that factor into the types of ratings a doctor would receive, such as their knowledge, bedside manner, accuracy of their diagnoses, effectiveness of treatment and so forth.  The Patient's Choice program then compiles the data assembled from these various reviews and is able to provide scores for each doctor.

NYC Back Pain Doctor Dr. Hosny Named As One of New York's Favorite Physicians

With over fourteen years of experience in pain management, Dr. Amr Hosny continues to impress his patients with a dedication to offering top-quality pain management in New York. It is extremely important that when you end up choosing a pain care professional, that it is someone you can completely trust to help you get back to yourself pre-injury. With a special expertise in Minimally Invasive Spine treatments, it is a rare combination to find a healthcare professional such as Dr. Hosny that combines the elements of knowledge, cutting-edge methods and professionalism. 

As we go about our daily lives, it is increasingly important that we dedicate time towards the protection and health of our bodies. Since back pain is high on the list of potential injuries, it is important that one maintains their health by exercising, eating right and practicing safe methods to avoid any and all potential injuries.  If you do ever need a pain management doctor, do not hesitate to contact New York Pain Care; Dr. Hosny has your best interests at heart, and the skills to back it up. Call (212) 604-1300 to book an appointment.
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