Thursday, August 22, 2013

Look Up For a Change and Reduce Neck Pain

In a world where technology reigns supreme, every aspect of our lives depends on concentrating and focusing on information brought to us in digital form.  While this makes our lives more convenient in many ways, there are some significant drawbacks; tech can cause us to become a bit more withdrawn and anti-social.  It can never replace real-life relationships and interactions.  However, the most dangerous aspect of using technology in our everyday lives is the fact that we need to bend our necks to stare for hours at computer monitors, slouch in chairs when writing emails and overall get used to poor posture that can lead to health problems down the road.

Our cell phones have basically become miniature computers where we interact with others through sources such as Facebook, texting, instant messaging and other forms of social media.  We have to bend our necks down when using smart phones; no individual uses it at eye level, especially since it would look ridiculous.  The more we interact with our phones on a daily level, the more stress we put on our neck muscles, spine and vertebrae.  So how can we limit the potential damage to our necks and reduce pain when we are addicted to our phone interactions?

Consider several points: do you need to be on your phone every hour?  A practical application is to only use your phone for a short time in the morning, at lunch and in the evening.  This should give you sufficient time to check for any emails and respond, as well as textual messages.  Another way to reduce your time is to set a cutoff time each evening for electronic use; for instance, for phones, computers, video game systems and television, set a “turn-off” time for 8:30pm.  This will allow you to spend the rest of your evening before bed to read, pursue other interests, work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Ultimately, if you continue suffering from neck pain, make sure you take the time to see a pain care specialist at New York Pain Care.  Neck pain can be debilitating if left untreated; we can help get your life back on track, pain-free.

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Pain Management 101

There are precautions and actions we can take towards avoiding pain every single day; barring a significant injury, one can improve the health of their body day by day. Following these tips everyday can make a significant impact towards reducing your risk of pulling a muscle or suffering from an injury that requires constant care.


Stretching is one of the most important things you can do to alleviate muscle pain. There are many desk jobs that require sitting and staring for hours at a time; counteract that by taking fifteen minutes each morning to stretch your hamstrings, lower back, quads and neck. When at work, stop every two hours to stand up, give your eyes a rest and move your body for five minutes. Target your back with some stretches and make certain that you sit up with correct posture throughout the day. 

Building Muscle

In addition to stretching, building your back muscles up not only improves the overall health of your body, but it also helps to target the “weak” spots that would cause trouble down the road.  A great back exercise is a Romanian deadlift; take a barbell with both hands, keep your feet shoulder-width apart and stand straight with your arms holding on to the barbell at the hips. Keeping a slight bend in the knees, keep your back straight and slowly lower the barbell to your ankles, without putting it on the ground. Maintain this position, and straighten up again: at all times make certain that your back and spine is straight and not curved.  If you do several sets of 8-12 repetitions, it will end up building your back in no time.

Eating Right

This is simple: in order to build a strong and healthy body, eat right. If you’re craving pizza, grab a piece of fruit instead. Sugary drinks can be substituted with organic juice and water. The key is to make the right choices bit by bit; maybe you eat healthy food once a week, then it becomes two days, then four, until you end up completely turning your unhealthy eating habits around.  Eating the right foods is the key for building a healthy body.

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