Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Does Your Lower Back Pain Point To A Deeper Issue?

You’ve just gotten home from another hour and a half stint at your local gym, and you are quite certain that your back is one sit-up away from permanently splitting your upper torso from your legs.  With pain this severe, there could be a number of factors contributing; but let’s take the time to break down the pain and approach it in an orderly fashion.

To begin with, lower back pain is often caused by damage to the vertebral discs. Traumatic injury could be the exact cause, but it could also simply be the effects of natural wear and tear as you age.  If you cannot think of a specific injury you could have obtained, natural wear could be the result.  While it is important to keep exercising on a regular basis, it would be a wise move to first plan a visit to the doctor to determine if there are any immediate health dangers.  It would not serve you in the long run to exacerbate a lower back injury and ignore the problem.  A NYC back pain specialist will be able to help pinpoint and treat your existing injury.

You should also evaluate if there is a history of chronic back problems in your family; having this knowledge could help you to better understand what the condition may be, what to watch out for and how to treat it. Seeking treatment for lower back pain with a professional is always the best course of action to take, however.  If you take action immediately and look for a long-term solution, you do not have to dramatically alter your lifestyle; there are always answers for any lower back injury, so don’t hesitate to find out what your lower back pain could be!


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