Friday, March 22, 2013

When it's Time to See a Knee Doctor

The knee is perhaps one of the most used joints in the body. Also the largest joint, knees are constantly subjected to wear and tear from mild activities such as walking and more intense activities such as climbing, running and more. Knee pain is a common occurrence in people of all age groups and activity levels and injury is often triggered by a physical activity such as sports, dance or even routine household tasks.

Symptoms that Might Require Professional Diagnosis by a Knee Doctor in NYC

While minor knee pain might heal itself with proper care and rest, any remarkable and persistent symptoms might require prompt medical attention. Serious pain and injury can be an indication of complications such as dislocation or a torn ligament. Below are a few symptoms that might require medical attention:

Instability: This occurs when it is hard to walk and the knee is unable to carry any weight.

Swelling: A swollen knee might indicate a fracture or an injury that requires prompt diagnosis and treatment.

Deformity: A misshapen knee can be due to dislocation and will need immediate evaluation.

Tender or Warm Knee: After an injury, a knee can often get very painful or warm when touched.

Clicking: If the knee is making unusual clicking noises or locks in certain positions, the situation is best addressed by a specialist.

In addition, symptoms such as fever, numbness, tingling or discoloration in the area might be indicative of a more serious problem. As a rule of thumb, if the pain or swelling lasts more than a day or two, it is advisable to visit a specialist without further delay.

How a Knee Doctor in NYC can help

A trained medical professional will be able to analyze the exact nature of the symptoms as well as the underlying causes. That person will run a series of tests to make an accurate diagnosis, which may include the following:

  Drawing fluids from the knee to analyze it for any sign of infection.
  An x-ray might be conducted to inspect the tendons, ligaments, and the muscles in the knee.
  Sometimes, an MRI might be administered to rule out any possible soft tissue damage.

Based on the diagnosis, a combination of effective treatment techniques are prescribed, which might include exercise, bracing, pain medications, rest, compression, and in some cases, surgery.

With knee pain or injury, it is important to watch the symptoms and take swift action, when necessary. If symptoms are chronic and persistent, a reputed knee doctor in NYC trained in Sports Medicine will be able to provide a complete evaluation and devise the most accurate treatment plan to avoid further complications.

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