Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Right Way to Shovel Snow

December is only half over and the tri-state area has already been hit with four rounds of snow. If this is any indicator of how the rest of the winter is going to go, it's time to review the safest and best ways to remove snow from your driveways and sidewalks. Many see snow shoveling as good exercise; however, it can be extremely dangerous when done improperly. At the very least, the activity can cause pulled and aching muscles but, in some cases, snow shoveling can even lead to heart attacks or severe back pain. 

To prepare for any additional accumulations this winter, review the below tips:
  • Stretch! -- As mentioned above, snow shoveling can be great exercise. To avoid injury, it's crucial to take five minutes to thoroughly stretch your body out. Doctors suggest using the same types of stretches that runners use so that you properly wake up your hamstrings, back, and shoulders. 
  • Dress in Layers -- Many people think that because it is cold outside, you need to wear as many layers as possible to stay warm while you're working. Although it is true that you want to stay warm, you can actually overdo it -- you'll sweat excessively if you overdress, which is not good in freezing temperatures. Dress in loose layers that can be removed as you begin to work up a sweat.
  • Clean Off Cars -- To avoid additional work, remove any snow and ice off of your car first. Speed up the process by turning your car on and blasting the heat for a few minutes -- it will make cleaning off the car that much easier.
  • Plan Ahead -- Many people don't actually think about how they're going to shovel snow; they just go out and do it, which often leads to unnecessary work. In order to avoid this, decide where you are going to put the snow ahead of time and make sure to do the hardest parts first while your energy levels are still high.
  • Rest, Shovel, Repeat -- You may not realize it, but as you shovel you are lifting and carrying hundreds and hundreds of pounds of snow. This job will definitely take a toll on your body, so it's important to give yourself a break. Don't expect to go out one time and get the whole job done. During breaks, be sure to hydrate with water.
  • The Shovel Stance -- To avoid back pain in NYC and the surrounding areas, review the proper shovel posture. Remember to use your leg and calf muscles as much as you can. This means that when you're pushing or lifting the snow, use the bottom half of your body. When moving snow, start in a squat-like position and keep your back straight. You should also hold the shovel as close to your upper half as possible and avoid twisting the area when you throw the snow.

Don't take chances with your physical health! Reviewing these tips will help you stay safe when you have the tough task of removing snow from your sidewalks and driveway.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Famous Individuals Who Have Suffered From Back Pain

Back pain can be debilitating, troublesome and extremely annoying at times.  There are multiple ways to suffer from back pain, and they can range from mild to extremely serious; if suffering from this type of injury, find solace in the fact that you are not alone!  There are many famous individuals throughout history who have suffered from chronic back pain.  Here are just a few of them!


Bruce Lee

While performing a back exercise called the "Good Morning", Lee heard a pop and realized he tore something.  It ended up being the sacral nerve in his back, and in 1970 he was hospitalized.  At the time, doctors told him that he could not continue his martial arts training and would likely have to give it up.  Refusing to take that as an answer, Bruce spent the next months reading and absorbing everything he could in regards to weight training, martial arts and endurance. 

The reason he hurt his back was that he failed to warm up properly when performing the good morning.  With the weights on the barbell stacked at 135 pounds, his approximate bodyweight, Bruce recounted that failing to warm up properly beforehand caused the strain on his back.  He eventually healed from the injury enough to return to his martial arts, but he struggled with intense back pain for the rest of his days.

George Clooney

We all know him as an extremely popular and successful actor, but did you know that he struggles with severe back pain as well? In 2005, while filming the movie "Syriana", he hit his head on the floor while filming a particularly violent scene; in the process, he tore the dura, which is the wrap around the spine that holds in the spinal fluid.  Clooney mentioned to reporters that after some corrective surgeries, the pain was so bad that he considered "ending it all" at one point.  While he received surgery to reinforce his spine with bolts, George has stated that the injury has never fully healed, leaving him to deal with back pain on a daily basis.

Overall, it doesn't matter who you are: back pain can affect anybody.  If you are suffering from back pain, our back specialists in NYC have the expertise and a unique approach to managing it.  Taking a holistic approach and view of each patient, we have the ability to help determine the best course of action to take, and develop plan suited to your individual needs. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dr. Hosny is Named One of New York's Favorite Physicians by

Dr. Amr Hosny recently received the 2013 Patient's Choice Award from

As one of over 870,000 practicing physicians and dentists throughout the country, only five percent received these top scores from their patients.  There are many elements that factor into the types of ratings a doctor would receive, such as their knowledge, bedside manner, accuracy of their diagnoses, effectiveness of treatment and so forth.  The Patient's Choice program then compiles the data assembled from these various reviews and is able to provide scores for each doctor.

NYC Back Pain Doctor Dr. Hosny Named As One of New York's Favorite Physicians

With over fourteen years of experience in pain management, Dr. Amr Hosny continues to impress his patients with a dedication to offering top-quality pain management in New York. It is extremely important that when you end up choosing a pain care professional, that it is someone you can completely trust to help you get back to yourself pre-injury. With a special expertise in Minimally Invasive Spine treatments, it is a rare combination to find a healthcare professional such as Dr. Hosny that combines the elements of knowledge, cutting-edge methods and professionalism. 

As we go about our daily lives, it is increasingly important that we dedicate time towards the protection and health of our bodies. Since back pain is high on the list of potential injuries, it is important that one maintains their health by exercising, eating right and practicing safe methods to avoid any and all potential injuries.  If you do ever need a pain management doctor, do not hesitate to contact New York Pain Care; Dr. Hosny has your best interests at heart, and the skills to back it up. Call (212) 604-1300 to book an appointment.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Many Benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

There are many methods employed by doctors around the country and the world when it comes to treating injuries and improving the healing process.  One such method that is not mainstream, yet has seen a wealth of users such as famous athletes, is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. 

How it Works

The procedure basically entails the withdrawing of about 50 cubic centimeters of blood from a patient, where it is then spun in a centrifuge.  The spinning separates and isolates the platelets within the blood, where it is then injected directly into the tissue, tendon or muscle that has been directly affected.

Who is Using It?

Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant just recently went to Germany to have PRP on his injured knee in order to heal it at a quicker rate than conventional therapy would allow.  He is not the only sports star to swear by this procedure; there are numerous others who have utilized PRP to help heal their injury so that they can get right back into the thick of things.  Tiger Woods, Hines Ward, Troy Polamalu and Alex Rodriguez are a few big names that have found the procedure effective.  Hines Ward had been extremely   positive in his praise of the procedure by stating that "The injury that I had was a severe injury, maybe a four or six week injury.  In order for me to go out there and play in two weeks, I don't think anyone with a grade-2 MCL sprain gets back that fast."

Why Choose PRP For Your Injury?

PRP therapy has done wonders for thousands of individuals, who have seen and experienced significant increases in their recovery period.  Symptoms often improve quite quickly, and can potentially eliminate the need for more aggressive treatment and therapy.  Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy can be the step towards a speedy and efficient recovery; contact us today.

Call us at 212-604-1300 or request more information by clicking here. At New York Pain Care our goal is to get you started on a personalized treatment plan to find relief!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Pain Management in a Modern Society

Let's take a few minutes to talk about a serious condition that affects eighty to ninety percent of Americans at some point in time: back pain.  Living with back pain, or even experiencing it can be very debilitating, but the reality is that it is easier to avoid than one might think.  Seeking out pain management in Manhattan can help one deal with a particular injury, but why not take the steps to help eliminate the potential for the injury in the first place?

-    Don't Chain Yourself To Your Desk

Far too many jobs in our modern world only require us to sit down all day with little to no activity.  If you find yourself staring at a computer screen for hours on end, make sure to get up and stretch, walk around and give yourself a break at least every hour or so.  If you can manage to find a private area, give yourself five quick minutes of back stretches in order to keep your muscles from getting too tight.

-    Exercise Regularly

This one should be a no-brainer.  Inactivity is a killer when it comes to pain management and back pain; when your muscles atrophy, you risk opening yourself up to injury.  Keep your body strong and make sure to throw in some back-related exercises such as deadlifts and rowing machines.

-    Practice Your Posture

Whether you are sitting, walking or working out, make it a habit to focus on your back and how you carry yourself.  Imagine a rope attached to your breastbone, pulling your chest upwards.  When exercising, make sure you perform the movements with correct posture to avoid putting unnecessary stress on your back.

-    Don’t Make The Same Mistake Twice

If you have previously injured your back, and are aware of the situation and what led up to it being injured, would you put yourself at risk again? Don't make the same mistake; build up your back until it is strong; practice yoga, get massages and do whatever you need to do to combat back pain.

New York Pain Care takes a holistic view of treatment for any patient who needs specific pain care; contact us at (212)604-1300 to schedule an appointment and to get your life back on track!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lifting the Right Way

Posture is incredibly important, and in a society that constantly has us hunching over mobile devices, computer screens and other electronics, stress has increased tremendously on our backs.  Be it muscle fatigue, herniated discs or other conditions of the spine, Americans are losing the battle against back pain. 

Consider even a simple trip to the hardware store; bending to pick up a heavy bucket of paint or a piece of lumber can easily injure ones back if done improperly.  The way we lift, whether in everyday life or when working out at the gym, can have a significant impact.

Want to help eliminate the potential for injuring your back? Take a look at these tips; utilize these every day and you will end up building stabilizing muscles that will keep you healthy and fit for life.

-    A Straight Back is Key

Whether you are picking up a heavy bucket of laundry or completing a set of deadlifts at the gym, keep your back straight.  Think about your back swinging up or down from your hips, from a 90 degree to a 45 degree angle.  When your back is locked and straight, your spine is erect, your muscles are in perfect position and you eliminate stress on various parts: they are working as a cohesive unit.  When you let your spine slouch and bend, almost like a "U" shape, you put yourself at risk for damaging various parts of your back.  Keep it straight, and you will end up just fine.

-    Build Back Muscle

Exercise at your gym by performing some exercises that specifically target different areas of your back.  This could include Romanian deadlifts, traditional deadlifts, pushups, wide-grip pull-ups, bench row and many others.  Make sure to incorporate the back muscles at least two to three times per week into your routine.  Build your back, and it sets a platform for the other muscles in one's body.

-    Seek Treatment When Needed

Back pain isn't something to ignore; it is something that should be addressed immediately. If you feel any tweaks or pain, rather than trying to push through, it would be advisable to set up an appointment with a back pain specialist in NYC.  Even if you do not live in that particular area, a call to a specialist could be the difference between being pain-free.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Look Up For a Change and Reduce Neck Pain

In a world where technology reigns supreme, every aspect of our lives depends on concentrating and focusing on information brought to us in digital form.  While this makes our lives more convenient in many ways, there are some significant drawbacks; tech can cause us to become a bit more withdrawn and anti-social.  It can never replace real-life relationships and interactions.  However, the most dangerous aspect of using technology in our everyday lives is the fact that we need to bend our necks to stare for hours at computer monitors, slouch in chairs when writing emails and overall get used to poor posture that can lead to health problems down the road.

Our cell phones have basically become miniature computers where we interact with others through sources such as Facebook, texting, instant messaging and other forms of social media.  We have to bend our necks down when using smart phones; no individual uses it at eye level, especially since it would look ridiculous.  The more we interact with our phones on a daily level, the more stress we put on our neck muscles, spine and vertebrae.  So how can we limit the potential damage to our necks and reduce pain when we are addicted to our phone interactions?

Consider several points: do you need to be on your phone every hour?  A practical application is to only use your phone for a short time in the morning, at lunch and in the evening.  This should give you sufficient time to check for any emails and respond, as well as textual messages.  Another way to reduce your time is to set a cutoff time each evening for electronic use; for instance, for phones, computers, video game systems and television, set a “turn-off” time for 8:30pm.  This will allow you to spend the rest of your evening before bed to read, pursue other interests, work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Ultimately, if you continue suffering from neck pain, make sure you take the time to see a pain care specialist at New York Pain Care.  Neck pain can be debilitating if left untreated; we can help get your life back on track, pain-free.

Call us at 212-604-1300 or request more information by clicking here. At New York Pain Care our goal is to get you started on a personalized treatment plan to find relief!

Pain Management 101

There are precautions and actions we can take towards avoiding pain every single day; barring a significant injury, one can improve the health of their body day by day. Following these tips everyday can make a significant impact towards reducing your risk of pulling a muscle or suffering from an injury that requires constant care.


Stretching is one of the most important things you can do to alleviate muscle pain. There are many desk jobs that require sitting and staring for hours at a time; counteract that by taking fifteen minutes each morning to stretch your hamstrings, lower back, quads and neck. When at work, stop every two hours to stand up, give your eyes a rest and move your body for five minutes. Target your back with some stretches and make certain that you sit up with correct posture throughout the day. 

Building Muscle

In addition to stretching, building your back muscles up not only improves the overall health of your body, but it also helps to target the “weak” spots that would cause trouble down the road.  A great back exercise is a Romanian deadlift; take a barbell with both hands, keep your feet shoulder-width apart and stand straight with your arms holding on to the barbell at the hips. Keeping a slight bend in the knees, keep your back straight and slowly lower the barbell to your ankles, without putting it on the ground. Maintain this position, and straighten up again: at all times make certain that your back and spine is straight and not curved.  If you do several sets of 8-12 repetitions, it will end up building your back in no time.

Eating Right

This is simple: in order to build a strong and healthy body, eat right. If you’re craving pizza, grab a piece of fruit instead. Sugary drinks can be substituted with organic juice and water. The key is to make the right choices bit by bit; maybe you eat healthy food once a week, then it becomes two days, then four, until you end up completely turning your unhealthy eating habits around.  Eating the right foods is the key for building a healthy body.

NYC pain management could be the key to getting your life free from back pain; make an appointment today with New York Pain Care.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Build Your Lower Back

You may not realize it, but your lower back is of significant importance.  Consider what happens when you tweak your back or sustain some sort of injury: it is often difficult to move, and you find pain radiating through your spine, hips, buttocks, thighs and other areas.  It is often not until you injure this area that you realize the role that your back plays in employing flexibility, motion and heavy use throughout our everyday lives.  Why not take the time to build strength in this area just as you would for your legs or any other part of the body?

          In addition to exercises, there are common sense routines that you can practice on a daily basis.  If you work in an office setting and your job requires a lot of sitting, make sure to get up and walk around for a few minutes every half hour or so.  Studies have shown that individuals who sit for eight hours or more a day have shorter lifespans, so make the most of your day by walking as much as possible.  If you have a pedometer handy, shoot for anywhere between ten-thousand to thirty-thousand steps; you can start with ten minute walks and work your way up to a half hour at a time. 

          One exercise that is extremely efficient in working out the lower back muscles is called the “hip bridge”.  While lying face-up on the floor, keep your knees bent in a comfortable position with your feet flat on the floor.  As you flex your abdominal muscles, lift from your hips until there is a straight line between the knees and shoulders. At the apex, hold for three seconds and then slowly return to the starting position.  Repeat the exercise for a total of eight to ten times and complete it for two to three sets.  Put both of these plans into action and you will undoubtedly be able to build your lower back strength bit by bit.

          If you suffer from back pain in New York City, take the time to consult a professional and find long-term answers for your nagging lower back injury.